The Kippax Region

Our thoughts
The Kippax region is situated approx. 10km North West of Canberra. This region includes suburbs such as Page, Florey, Higgins, Holt, Latham ad Scullin. In close proximity to the region is Belconnen Westfield (2.5km), University of Canberra (4.5km) and 2km from Belconnen High School and Florey Primary School.
Suburbs closer to the Canberra CBD have seen recent strong growth (upwards of 10%) and we believe the ripple effect will play a big role in the overall growth of Canberra. The past 12 months has only seen 1.17% capital growth for the region on average. Canberra as a whole has risen 9.60% over the same period for houses.
The Kippax region is classified as the Belconnen District of Canberra. The population of the Belconnen District in 2006 was 84,382 and in 2011 it was 92,444 showing a steady increase over the 5 year period.
It is approximately a 27-minute journey by bus into the Canberra CBD and approximately 20 minutes by car. 
Canberra is in the middle of a 10-year infrastructure plan, with the Light Rail network being at the forefront of this. Stage 1 of 2 is under construction and this is servicing the North. Stage 2 includes the servicing of the north-west through to Belconnen. As part of the proposed stage 3 plan, an extension of the light rail network from Belconnen to Kippax is included.
Housing in the region is generally double brick. The majority of property in the region is unrenovated and dated providing the opportunity for capital improvements.
The median average house price for a 3 bedroom house in the region is $454,500.
Supply in the region is extremely tightly held with minimal listings currently. We expect this to increase as we move into February.
Suburb data
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The Numbers


Vacancy Rates

0.46% of properties in the region

are unoccupied. We don't like the rate to be above 2%. Canberra as a whole is 1.1%.



Vacancy Rates 

The vacancy rates in the region

are decreasing. This is good because it shows demand is getting stronger.


Increasing/Decreasing Population

The population has shown a steady increase since 2006 showing continual growth in the area.


Average Days on Market

41 days on average to sell a

3 bed home.


Auction Clearance Rates

75% of properties that go to

auction sell.


Ratio of Renters to Owner Occupied

24.5% are renters / 75.5% are owner occupied. We like renters to be under 35%.


Supply vs. Demand

DSR (Demand Supply Ratio) score of 75. The DSR is a number out of 100 that gauges the demand relative to supply for a residential property market. We look for this to be always over 50. 60 is great, 70 is excellent.


Median House Price (3 Bed)



Last 12 & 36 Month Capital Growth

1.17% / 5.05%


Current Area Rental Yield 



Suburb due-diligence


Below is the regions we have hand picked in Canberra that meets our investment criteria, but also, more importantly, meet your brief mandataries and budget. 
We have listed one region; Kippax which includes Higgins, Holt, Latham, Scullin, Page and Florey. We have provided our top-line thoughts, links to further suburb data and a selection of properties currently on the market or recently sold for reference. We detail the region stats that matter and a map so you can get a better understanding of its locality.