Weekly Update: 14/04

Hey mate,

I hope you're well.

As mentioned we have a few great properties that we're working through. Richie and I would like to jump on a call with you on Thursday (19th) to take you through the shortlist for feedback. Based on your feedback we will then have the full due-diligence completed on the properties at the beginning of the following week (w/c 23/04). All going to plan we would be making offers during this week - will you be available w/c 23rd to have a few calls etc?

Next steps:

• Please let me know the best time for you on Thursday for a call? We will require about 30mins

• Confirm you will be around w/c 23/04 for ad-hoc calls?

Your previous POA has expired, you can download the new form here. Can you please markup your new address, initial the markup, sign and post back to:

Matthew Smith

Clinch Long Woodbridge

PO Box 1614, Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Please let me know if you have any questions?

Thanks, Michael

If you have any questions and/or feedback, please contact me using the button below:
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