Weekly Blog Update 22/07

Hey mate,

I hope you are well.

An update on the week that was and the week ahead.

  • Thanks for signing the property management paperwork we will now start the transfer with Rod

  • Rod touched base and passed on the information about Christine moving to month to month from the 28th of this month, she is very up and down!

  • We have done a valuation of the property and in the current condition have a value of $380,000 and a rental valuation of $300/week.

  • A couple of things on this, given Christine, is now moving month to month we could look to draw on some of the equity in the property circa 20K so you can undertake all of the maintenance work at once when she vacates. Let me know your thoughts on this and I can talk with the mortgage broker to see what we can do? If not we can commence the maintenance works as previously discussed.

Let me know if you have any questions and we can jump on a quick call to chat further?

Thanks, Michael

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