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As mentioned yesterday, we received three pre-applications, however, only two turned up to the viewing today and both candidates are very keen to move forward.

It is difficult to recommend, however, we do have a strong leaning towards Cassandra Taylor. Cassandra is a mother of three who has a sad story. She had an AVO on her ex-husband and needed to flee her current situation in NSW as they were at risk. Unfortunately, the husband committed suicide shortly after. They're currently staying with friends in Ballarat and after a new start and a quiet life. Cassandra is on benefits and has found herself a job at the Pancake Kitchen staring work this Sunday on a casual basis. While Cassandra has been through a lot, she sounds strong, resourceful and committed to starting a fresh new life with her children.

Full details:

  • Name: Cassandra Taylor

  • Age: 36

  • Employer: Welfare support + casual work at Pancake Kitchen

  • Role: Chef

  • Income p.a: $900+$760/fortnight Centrelink payments = $3,606 pcm

  • Cassandra will be the sole person on the lease with the rest of the family listed as occupants

  • Name: Cody Taylor

  • Age: 17

  • Name: Damon Taylor-Blunt

  • Age: 8

  • Name: Decoda Taylor-Blunt

  • Age: 5

  • Pets:

  • Rabbit called Thumper

Other details:

  • Cars: x 1, Honda CRV

  • Occupants: 4

  • Rental Reference: They had been renting 90 Sweetlip Pl, Ballina NSW for for 3yrs, 6mth @ $1,720pcm

  • Requesting to Rent: $270 per week

  • Length: 12-months

  • Commencement Date: 4th of September (current tenant moves out on the 3rd of September)

  • References: Kiri Davidson - former Manager at Nosh Cafe and Christine Smith a friend. Both gave Cassandra a very positive reference and supported her situation.

The 2nd applicant is Christine Bourke. Christine is a grandmother who is relocating to move in with her son to help raise the grandson as there's been a death in the family. Christine is on a disability allowance and her son is also receiving benefits and once settled, he's hoping to find some casual work.

Full details:

  • Name: Christine Violet Bourke

  • Age: 59

  • Employer: Disability allowance

  • Income: $1,100 / fortnight Disability allowance

  • Christine will be the sole person on the lease with the rest of the family listed as occupants

  • Name: David Bourke

  • Age: 39

  • Employer: Welfare support $600/fortnight

  • Income: $600 / fortnight

  • Name: Trent Bourke

  • Age: 14

  • School

Other details:

  • Cars: No vehicles

  • Occupants: 3

  • Rental Reference: Christine has been renting through a private Landlord at Lot 3 Sturt Hwy, Monak NSW for 3 years, 9 months

  • Requesting to Rent: $270 per week

  • Length: 12-months

  • Commencement Date: 7th of September

  • References: Kerri Brown who was a former work colleague over 10-years ago and became a good friend. Kerri was supportive of Christine and her situation, also stating she is incredibly house proud.

Please let me know if you are happy to proceed and your preference. We still have some time and could advertise after the tenant moves out (3 of September) as it will be very difficult to hold an open until after she vacates.

Thanks, Michael

If you have any questions and/or feedback, please contact me using the button below:
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